Man discovers his grandparents bought SBI shares for Rs 500 in 1994. What they are worth today

Adoctor from Chattisgarh took to X (formerly Twitter) to share his excitement after stumbling upon some shares that his grandparents had bought. Tanmay Motiwala, a pediatric surgeon, was consolidating his family holdings in a place when he discovered the pleasant surprise. According to him, they had purchased State Bank of India (SBI) shares worth Rs 500 in 1994.

Motiwala said that his grandparents had long forgotten about it. As per the doctor, the shares were now worth Rs 3.75 lakh, that means they gave him a 750x return in 30 years. “The power of holding equity. My grandparents had purchased SBI shares worth Rs 500 in 1994. They had forgotten about it. In fact, they had no idea why they purchased it and if they even hold it. I found some such certificates while consolidating family’s holdings in a place. (Already had sent for converting them to demat),” he wrote while sharing a picture of the share certificate.

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